Police on the Essequibo Coast have finally captured and charged the man, who habitually broke and entered women?s homes and physically assaulted them. He is suspected to have been doing this for a lengthy period.Police have indicated that the man, Astil Paul,Pablo Zabaleta Jersey, of La Belle Alliance,Jonathan Osorio Jersey, Essequibo Coast previously served a lengthy jail term for rape.Paul was on Monday charged with rape and remanded to prison until a date in March when he will reappear before Magistrate Sunil Scarce. He appeared unrepresented at the Charity Magistrate?s Court.The menace prowled,Lucas Jersey, targeted,Luciano Narsingh Netherland Jersey, broke and entered the homes of women who live alone and in most cases, raped them. He roamed between Devonshire-Castle and Bush Lot on the Essequibo Coast.Most recently,Quincy Promes Jersey, a Bush Lot,Loic Remy Chelsea Jersey, Essequibo Coast woman?s home was broken into on three occasions. The woman, who is forced to sleep at her neighbour?s house,Jordan Hamilton Toronto Jersey, related that on all three occasions the man entered her house, scaled the bedroom wall and physically assaulted her. ?He choked me.?Another time,Collen Warner Toronto Jersey, she said the man after choking her stole her groceries. The woman is now scared to sleep in her own home since she said,Daniel Lovitz Toronto Shirts, every evening she has to beg lodging at her neighbour?s house.?It?s not fair that I have to leave the confines of my own home to sleep at my neighbour due to someone who is making my life uncomfortable.?