Perhaps walkabouts are usual for President Donald Ramotar,, since he has doneHealth Minister assists in performing hand exercises on Ramcharranquite a few during his Presidency,NGolo Kante Chelsea Jersey UK, especially during these elections time. However, on Sunday afternoon,Kemba Walker Hornets Jersey, while walking and meeting with residents of New Street in Cumberland, East Canje,NCAA Hockey Jerseys, Berbice, the Guyanese Leader was sought out from his team,Ted Hendricks Raiders Jersey, by an elderly man seeking assistance for his stroke-stricken wife.“Ow, Mr. President,Tiago Ilori Liverpool Jersey UK, if you could only please come and see meh wife—ow, please Mr. President…come see she nah! Nobody ain’t concern about her,” the man pleaded with President Ramotar.The President was accompanied by former Members of Parliament, Faizal M. Jaffarally and Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo, as well as Regional Chairman, Mr. David Armogan and Vice- Chairman, Mr. Bhupaul Jhagroo.Khandai Mathura of Lot 49, New Street, broke down in tears and begged Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, as well, for attention for his wife’s ailment. The President was not that eagerA tearful Khandai pleads with Ramotar to go in and see his divert from his walkabout through the heavily-populated Street in East Canje and promised the man, in Mahadeo’s presence (CEO of the Berbice Regional Health Authority) that he would send someone to visit the old woman on Monday.But the elderly man persisted; he insisted that President Ramotar see his wife,Ricky Vaughn Indians Jersey, 63-year-old Bhanmattie Ramcharran. “Come, I go show you,” he said, pointing to his home, which extended way into a pathway in the street. President Ramotar finally gave in and agreed. “Alright, let’s go and see.”Mathura related that his wife, a former New Amsterdam market vendor, suffered a stroke about two months ago and has not walked since then. The woman was sitting on a chair under the house. Her daughter related to Ramsaran that her mother visited Dr. Ramesh Sugrim’s Corentyne private clinic on a few occasions, since they did not receive proper medical assistance and attention from the nurses at the New Amsterdam Hospital.Dr. Ramsaran became upset. He spoke about how much money has been spent in the health sector over the years and asked that the woman take back her mother to the New Amsterdam Hospital.He also suggested that she give him a call whenever she does,Marvin Williams Hornets Swingman Jersey, to ensure that the case is dealt with properly. The President also chatted briefly with the woman and her daughter.Dr. Ramsaran also showed the daughter how to do simple hand movement exercises with her mom,Chris Sabo Reds Jersey, and asked her to ensure her mom receives proper dietary nutrition. He will follow up the case shortly.