I still consider myself to be a blog writing novice but as I’ve got a few entries under my belt I can tell you about an unexpected bonus of this journaling process. A lot of people think that blog writers are just people who are tooting their own horns blabbering on self-righteously about what they believe to be true in life. On the contrary, for me writing a blog has helped me to reflect on my experiences that I may have otherwise have forgotten if I hadn’t written them down. It has become a process of self-actualization, whether others have read my thoughts has become less of a priority for me.
If the baby is sleeping too long during the day, wake her up and feed her. Encourage her to be awake during the day. Within reason, do not be worried about keeping the house quiet during the day, because we want the baby to wakeful and sleep lighter. During the day, have the shades up or the lights on so that baby will learn the difference between night and day. In contrast, when you must feed the baby in the middle of the night, keep the lights as dim as possible, and whisper and be as quiet as you reasonable can be. Avoid play or eye contact, but this is usually not too difficult if you feel half asleep anyway as you are taking care of your baby's needs.
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