Intervening measures have been streamlined to address the shortage of specialist doctors in the Public Health Sector, according to Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shamdeo Persaud.Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, Chief Medical OfficerDuring an interview with this publication he said that efforts have already been made to start at the level of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) through collaborations with the Case Western University in the United States.In fact,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he disclosed that already a Masters Programme in Obstetrics has been launched and eight candidates have registered and have commenced training.And this programme is a rather crucial one as according to Dr. Persaud, a mere eight Obstetricians are currently registered by the Guyana Medical Council.“They might just be enough to serve the GPHC alone while in the meantime we are looking at three to four years training before we can get additional specialists, so it might not be enough in good time to provide to the immediate care that we need.”However, Dr. Persaud disclosed that Guyana has commenced discussions with Cuba which has been facilitating the training of large batches of first degree students in the area of medicine. After graduation these individuals are allowed to practice medicine here. According to the CMO,Cheap Jerseys, Cuba along with the local Ministry of Health, “recognises the great need to provide a little bit more training for our graduates who are back and are already working for many years now,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Online, and their eligibility to go into postgraduate programmes.”However, Dr. Persaud noted that Cuba is still to respond to Government’s request to look at the possibility of facilitating the required postgraduate programmes for the local undergraduates. This, according to him,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, could cater to moves to expand the Obstetrics training programme.But Guyana may already have some of the necessary resources to facilitate an expanded Obstetrics training programme as, according to Dr. Persaud,Jerseys From China, a visiting team from Cuba was already able to conduct assessments at various health institutions including the Linden,Cheap Jerseys China, Suddie, New Amsterdam and West Demerara Regional Hospitals.“They thought that some of those, with equipment and skilled persons, already have a sufficient patient load to commence training programmes…but of course there will be rotations at the GPHC,NFL Jerseys Cheap,” assured Dr. Persaud.The Suddie Hospital for instance,Wholesale Jerseys From China, which was rehabilitated not so long ago, was specifically pointed out as an especially workable facility given its adequate operating space.“Our thinking is if better service is out there,Cheap Jerseys From China, we might be able to intervene much earlier,” said Dr. Persaud as he alluded to the importance of controlling the maternal mortality rate even as Guyana seeks to attain the associated Millennium Development Goals by 2015.But Obstetrics will not be the only area being targeted for specialist training, as according to Dr. Persaud, moves are also apace to have doctors trained in the areas of Family Medicine, Orthopaedics, Pathology and Psychiatry. “We have very few opportunities for external training and so far we have four such opportunities with Cuba so we have selected four general practitioners to commence training in September in Cuba in these fields,” disclosed Dr. Persaud.This will be done even as efforts are made to establish more local specialist training programmes similar to that of the Masters Programme in Obstetrics.