A man purporting to be a building contractor in the employ of the Ministry of Education ran out of luck yesterday and was given a sound thrashing after he tried to fleece the head teacher of the St. Christopher Nursery School in Tucville.Reports are that teachers of the nursery school, with the assistance of residents of the Stevedore Housing Scheme,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, apprehended the suspected con man.Head mistress of the school, Ms. Carmelita Layne, said that she received a call from the man some time around 14:00 hours. She related that the caller said that he was a building contractor and that he was on his way to the school to carry out some repair works on the building.?He then explained that the vehicle in which he was transporting the materials for the repairs had encountered some problems,cheap jerseys online,? Layne recalled.She added that the man on the telephone then told her that he was sending someone to the school to uplift some money so that he could get the building materials to the school.?A while after I received another telephone call and the person said that they were on their way to the school to uplift the money which the ?contractor? earlier spoke about.?Layne explained that she then recognized the second caller as being the person who had called her in the first instance.The woman added that she then contacted the Ministry to enquire about the ?contractor?.It was at that point she was informed that the man was a ?con artist? who had been using the same story to fleece other schools.?The person at the Ministry asked me if I gave the man any money and I answered in the negative. They then told me that he took money from several other schools,NFL Jerseys China Cheap,? Layne explained.Having been so informed, Layne said she immediately contacted the police and informed her other staff members.Some time later, the ?con man? arrived at the school asking for the head teacher. However,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he became suspicious after the head teacher failed to attend to him promptly.The man, this newspaper was told,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, then began running out of the school compound but he did not get far.As he attempted to escape with the female staff of the school hot on his heels and shouting for thief, he started to realize that there was no escape.?As the teachers were running behind him some boys on the corner saw what was going on and held onto him,? Layne recalled.Kaieteur News was told that the con artist was given a sound thrashing by residents and subsequently handed over to teachers who kept watch as they awaited the arrival of the police.Despite the sound trouncing,Cheap Jerseys, the con man still felt that he could out do the female staff members to make good his escape.To his surprise,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, once again he came in for another beating when he attempted to escape from the teachers who were guarding him.Luckily for him,cheap jerseys from china, he was spared by police ranks who arrived moments later. He was taken to the East La Penitence Police Station where he was detained for questioning.Kaieteur News has since been informed that the same man reportedly fleeced at least nine other nursery schools,nfl jerseys china, including Bel Air Nursery, Lodge Nursery and Houston Nursery.