The advocacy efforts of the Ministry of Health for a smoke-free environment are proving to be fruitful. To date,Cheap Jerseys China, 49 workplaces have committed to enforcing smoke-free workplace policies.Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy hopes that,Cheap NFL Wholesale Jerseys, in the not too distant future,Cheap Jerseys, there will be more than 60 organisations on the list.Â* There is indication that efforts are being made over the next few days to garner the support of 11 more companies.The target for this year is for 100 workplaces to become smoke-free zones with the adoption of the smoke-free policy. Already,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, some venues in the various regions to host CARIFESTA X activities will be smoke-free zones.There will be very strict implementation and enforcement of the smoke-free policy,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, according to Minister Ramsammy.“This was agreed upon with the Carifesta Secretariat,Wholesale China Jerseys, and we hope that the Guyanese public and our visiting friends from aboard will comply with the instructions. Signs would be erected to notify which areas are smoke-free zones,” he said.Penalties cannot be levied,NFL Jerseys Cheap, since the smoke-free policy is not in the country’s laws,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, but ushers would remind patrons of the policy,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, and the police would be asked to enforce the policy by removing people from the events.Â*The policy applies to both indoor and outdoor events.