A head-on collision between a minibus and a truck early yesterday morning,Cheap Jerseys From China, on the Surapana road, well-known as the’Mines’ road, has left one child dead and eleven persons, including the child’s parents suffering from injuries.Dead is two year old Malvin Hartman, who was reportedly killed on the spot in the vicinity of the old Guymine Research and Development laboratories.The bus and truckThe bus was driven by the child’s father Henry Hartman, who was reportedly taking his family and a few passengers to Linden shortly after 8:00 hrs.According to reports,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the bus BKK 5112 which usually works the Coomacka to Linden route,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, was travelling from Coomacka where the Hartmans live, when it collided with the truck, GNN 2507 attached to pioneer Construction Company, and reportedly owned by Seon McGregor.Among the injured in the bus were Peter De Clou,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey, Shevonne Cobis, Linden Daw and Alicia BristolThe dead child and the injured were rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex.Hartman and his wife, Suzette, who were in the front seat seemed to have suffered the worst fate, as both their legs appeared to be broken. Their children, Malcolm, Merissa, Marvin and Maya Hartman, were also injured.However Malcolm, Maya and Marvin were later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.According to reports eight-year-old Maya was listed as critical, while four-year-old Marvin and 15-year-old Malcolm were reportedly stable. Their parents were later taken into theatre at the Linden hospital, and were expected to be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital yesterday as well.Sixteen-year-old Shevonne Cobis,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, of Old England, was also admitted to the Linden Hospital. She reportedly suffered a fractured right thigh; and 12-year-old Denieha Kaiser suffered several lacerations about the body. She was crying out for pains in her chest. Only 12-year-old Morica Hartman, escaped with minor injuries and could walk around unaided.‘The truck was deep in the lane of the bus when they collided headed on, on the turn, after the bus sped around the turn,” one eyewitness reported.Other reports indicated that the truck had stopped briefly before the accident, but was proceeding in the wrong lane.The collision reduced the bus to a twisted wreck. She was not admitted, but was too distraught to speak.Another passenger,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Linden Daw, seemed in a bad shape. He had multiple abrasions on the face and other parts of the body. His legs were also in a cast.The grimace on the man’s face spoke volumes of the excruciating pain,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he was obviously feeling.The driver of the bus, Henry Hartman with both his legs in castÂ* was also in obvious pain, judging from his general demeanor. Fifty-nine-year-old Peter De Clou suffered multiple lacerations to the face.Scores of persons from the Coomacka and Old England communities flocked the hospital after news of the accident spread. Many expressed shock, as the ‘Mines road’ is one of the few main thoroughfares in Linden where accidents are very rare.The last serious accident to have occurred on the road, was several years ago,Cheap Jerseys, according to reports.Several of those gathered at the hospital were relatives of the Hartmans. One of the driver’s sisters cried openly, when she realized that her brother’s child had died. The woman later walked around the hospital disconsolately looking for her injured brother.And another woman who usually travels to Linden everyday, where she sells fruits and vegetables declared, “If you know how many calls I get since the accident happen, people just calling me to find out whether I was on the bus, but this morning I come down by boat, thank God”.The driver of the truck, Ricky Bakker, who received minor injuries, is in police custody, assisting with investigations.According to sources the man was transporting workers to the Coomacka area,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, when the accident occurred.