– suspect calling relatives, still at largeRelatives of Eureka Garraway are pleading with the police to step up their efforts to arrest the man who allegedly inflicted a hammer beating on the 38-year-old woman.A relative said yesterday that Garraway’s condition has improved and she now recognizes visitors and is speaking with them. However, she is reportedly still to give police a statement.This is an improvement from last week when Garraway was complaining of severe pains and was not recognizing her relatives.A sister-in-law who visited Garraway in hospital yesterday said that the 38-year-old failed to recognize her and appeared disoriented. Garraway was also complaining of severe pains and underwent another CAT scan to ascertain if her head injuries were more serious than initially believed.Garraway sustained cuts to her head which required more than 100 stitches. The brutal attack also reportedly left her with two broken fingers.Meanwhile, the sister-in-law said that the suspect has spoken to some of Garraway’s relatives.The man, who Kaieteur News contacted by phone,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, has promised to turn himself in once his lover is fit enough to be discharged. He had explained that he wanted to ensure that Garraway does not die.Asked to explain the reason for the attack, the suspect said that he ‘flipped’ and that he now regrets every moment.Police reportedly have numerous complaints of assault against the suspect, but Kaieteur News understands that Garraway herself may have often come to her abuser’s defence, stating that “he’s a diabetic and that he’s sickly.”A niece also alleged that the suspect has a relative in the Force and the rank would intervene on the suspect’s behalf.Garraway’s lover is well known for dressing up in outrageous outfits,Jerseys From China, including baby’s diapers, at cricket matches.Two Wednesdays ago,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, Garraway was found unconscious and bleeding profusely from the head in a relative’s Non Pareil,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, East Coast Demerara residence. She had reportedly been slashed as well as beaten with a hammer.A niece claimed that Garraway’s attacker contacted relatives by telephone shortly after and threatened to harm them.However, in the interview with Kaieteur News,Cheap NFL jerseys China, the man denied threatening anyone. He said that he did call one family member to enquire about Garraway’s welfare.According to the niece,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Garraway was visiting a sister-in-law at Non Pareil last week Wednesday when her lover arrived. It is alleged that the sister-in-law and the others eventually went out,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, leaving Garraway and her lover at the residence.Eureka GarrawayKaieteur News was told that before departing, the sister-in-law, who was aware of the suspect’s history of physical abuse,NFL Jerseys Cheap, expressed concern about Garraway being left alone with the man. Garraway reportedly reassured her that she would be “alright.”It is alleged that at around 15:00 hrs,Cheap NFL Jerseys, neighbours heard screams emanating from the house where Garraway was staying. According to the niece, around 18:00 hrs Garraway’s brother received a phone call from the woman’s lover.Â* The suspect reportedly told the brother “I leave your sister in a pool of blood; go home (and check).”The brother relayed the information to his wife, who went home and discovered the unconscious and battered Garraway on a bed. They rushed her to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.The sister-in-law said that the matter was reported to the Vigilance Police Station