At 101 years old,wholesale jerseys, D?Urban Street,jerseys cheap nfl, Georgetown resident, Iris Stewart-Mc Adam,China Jerseys Free Shipping, fondly referred to asIris Stewart-Mc Adam is 101 years old.?Aunt Iris? is still full of life and has lots to be thankful for.* The cheery centenarian celebrated another milestone, two Saturdays ago, surrounded by close relatives and friends.When Kaieteur News visited her residence, a regal-looking and cheerful Mrs. Mc Adam, was seated near a window observing passers-by on the busy street. Although,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, that is one of her favourite hobbies these days, the senior citizen reflected that she lived ?a good life.?She is most thankful to God for allowing her to live a full life without many regrets.* The devout Catholic said that a priest visited her home and blessed her on her birthday.?I spent my birthday well?We had lots of cake.?She was born on April 11, 1914 on D?Urban Street, but spent most of life at Broad Street, Charlestown. Mrs. Mc Adam, a seamstress by profession,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, only retired a few years ago.Expect for a little arthritis pain which has her confined to a wheelchair, this senior citizen insists she is still very much an independent woman.?I like to dress and look good,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,? she said, adding that she made her own clothing at one period of her life.Although she now has caregivers Mrs. Mc Adam takes pride in being able to care for herself in little ways. She also spoke briefly about her family.?I was married twice and had three children, all of whom are dead now,Cheap Jerseys From China, but I have one surviving grandchild,? Mc Adam said.The centenarian says she keeps intact by reading and being as proactive as possible.?I like to read and be in tune with what is happening around me. I read a lot. Ask me anything and I can tell you? but I have a little trouble remembering things from years ago,? Mrs. Mc Adam said.This senior citizen also enjoys good company. She says having to converse with persons also helps her to retain information.The cheery centenarian revealed her secret to longevity is ?eating real good food.??You got to eat and drink good… I like cow heel soup, salt fish and a lot of nice things to eat,Cheap NFL Jerseys,? Mrs. Mc Adam emphasised, while adding that half of a young cucumber and a tomato,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, is part of her daily diet.