Fire,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit 2017, believed to be electrical in origin,Cheap Jerseys, yesterday destroyed a three-bedroom house occupied by a family of four at Bath Settlement,Cheap Huarache Shoes For Men, West Coast Berbice.The owner,Cheap Jerseys USA, Zaheed Naiken,Cheap Air Max Shoes For Sale, and his wife Bibi,Air Max Shoes For Sale, had lived at the property for the past 12 years with their two children.According to a family member,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Naiken came home around 14:00hrs yesterday afternoon and smelled something burning. He then observed the ?fuse box? was on fire. The relative said that Naiken tried to switch off the ?fuse box? but the fire started ?running? on wiring in the house.?De fire start run pun de wires and everything just went up in flames,? the relative explained to Kaieteur News. The flames spread so quickly that the family was unable to save the valuables that they had worked so hard to achieve.The relative said that since there is no fire service at Bath Settlement,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, the last resort was help that came from the Blairmont Estate.?Since we ain?t got fire service here is a good thing that de estate was here to help us,Wholesale Jerseys USA,? the relative lamented.The relative also told Kaieteur News that he also lost a few items which were at the Naiken?s house.Both the victims and relatives are now contemplating their next move.?We now looking to see what we will do because things real hard.? They said that it would be very hard rebuilding a three-bedroom house from scratch.