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Thread: [TOOL] [Userscript] [2016] ExHentai Login Tool

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    Default [TOOL] [Userscript] [2016] ExHentai Login Tool


    Made an account here after I found out that the old tools provided here no longer work...

    I went ahead and did some work on at least making it a little bit easier to log into ExHentai agian, and while not perfect, should work no matter what they change now, unless they decide to rewrite the entire login system :\

    This requires Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey to work, you can grab them from either the Chrome Webstore, or the Firefox Addons Area thing (idk what its called I dont firefox)

    Grab the userscript from Greasyfork here:

    Once installed, head on over to and log in using the right sidebar.

    Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the e-hentai home page, and at the very very bottom, you'll see your Member ID, Password Hash, and Session ID. The session ID MAY help you log in if your having issues, but, using just your Member ID and Password Hash should work fine.

    Keep that tab open, open up a new tab or window, then, head on over to From here you should see places to put your Member ID, Password Hash, and, optionally, your Session ID. Fill them out accordingly, then, click the log in button. The page will refresh, and if you did everything right, you'll be logged into ExHentai, where the X makes it sound cool.

    I had a few versions of this out "publicly" before, but they we're bookmarks, and we're a little hard to use. This tool is meant to make it easy.

    Thanks for reading!

    PS: I don't collect your userdata. I have no need for it. You can confirm by going through the source.


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    Using firefox, found the id password hash and session id, but when i input the info i get a weird script mess up javascript:$.getScript(""); in the adress bar and [object Object] is all thats displayed.

    i cant get the normal fire fox addon to work either feels bad man.
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