Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Haruhichan?

Haruhichan is a product of a small group of people's hard work and determination. Click here for more information.

I'm new to downloading, what do I do?

Follow this simple guide.

Please note some torrent clients are banned. Here is a list of allowed clients:

How do I use the XDCC feature?

Read this guide or read the picture guide.

The anime plays back funny and has glitches. What can I do to fix this?

Just install KCP (Kawaii Codec Pack). Also, don't use VLC.

'Most people use VLC because they are too unintelligent to use their computers, not to mention it's probably ancient as fuck so it even has trouble playing the even newer superior format.' - Yuki Explains Why VLC Sucks.

Erm, you don't have anime "insert anime title name here or this fansub group", will you add it?

Sure, just email us with the information on series/fansub group here.

What IRC server do you guys use?

Whoa, I can donate to help fund Haruhichan? What do you spend the donation cash on?

All donations go towards beer, drugs, and hookers. What is left helps keep Haruhichan online. Also it helps for the server costs, upgrades and what not. Click here.

How can I contact you if I find a problem or want to join the team?

First read this to get an idea of what you can do then apply via the contact us page.

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