So you enjoyed our Guild Wars 2 BETA key give away, right? It’s still going (it has been over 24hours now) but we’re bored and decided why not give away some SMITE BETA keys away. The rules of this give away are simple, contact us via email (Click this) and explain why you deserve a key. Also don’t forget to comment on this blog post why you deserve it aswell! I will also be tweeting keys every few hours @Swaps4 and also on facebook! Contact me on Steam if needed.

Smite is a MOBA game (think League of Legends) which has theusual gameplay mechanics, but viewed from a different perspective, i.e. behind the back of your godly avatar. The game was unveiled to the public very recently, it will be free-to-play and deliver good-quality HD graphics (which may make the game unsuitable for some older systems).


You will need a HiRezStudio account to activate this BETA, you can create an account here.

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