As the previous season ends, most of us are getting ready for a whole new ride of twists and feels for this Fall season. With the visuals, previews and release dates being announced; and so are the official hashtags.

These hashtags are really useful for viewers, especially because they are official. We could look up a certain show using its hashtag and you can see different posts regarding to the latest episodes, news or events from different people. You could also reduce the amount of spoilers if you “mute” the hashtag using Tweetdeck or other Twitter platform. (Here is a guide on how to mute a hashtag.) The more users use the hashtag, the more collaborative the posts regarding to that anime will have, and the lesser spoilers will come through your Twitter feed.

Here is a list of the official anime hashtags from long-running shows, Summer leftovers and this Fall season (in alphabetical order):

Long-running Shows (Before Summer):

Summer Leftovers:

Fall Shows:

Several shows don’t have an official hashtag, it is preferable to create your own hashtag pertaining to the anime that you are going to talk about. It is much better if you simply use the title of the show without adding symbols. (E.g.: For Naruto: Shippuuden, you can just use #narutoshippuuden).

There are actually more than 60 airing shows and most of them are sequels (and there are several shows that aren’t included in this list). As the last season of the year, it gave us a bunch of interesting new shows and sequels to enjoy. How about you, which Fall shows are you going to watch?

Source: Anime Hashtags, AniChart

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