Today, we’ll be taking a look at the September issue of JList’s Japanese Snack Subscription.

The card in the picture below reads:

September is the end of the harvest season in Japan, which is celebrated with the moon festival called Juugoya. It’s a time to enjoy nature, the night sky and make dango with friends and family. We’ve included some of these flavors in this month’s package, enjoy!

September Japanese Snack Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 00

Iwata Watermelon Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 01

This is a watermelon-flavoured hard boiled candy which does a great job delivering the watermelon taste. It reminds me of when you would freeze watermelon slices and eat them later. Highly recommended for watermelon fans.

Meiji Fruit Gummy 100% Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 02

I’m a big fan of gummy candies and these clicked with me. As the name states, they taste exactly like a fresh slice of melon from the fridge.

Mintlet Natural Japanese Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 07

These are Mintlets which come in a small, easy to carry case. The mints give an intense citrus burst belied by their small size.

Kobaya Jyuu-C Apple Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 06

These are tablet shaped candies with a green apple flavour. Once opened, the aroma of an apple leaks out; the tablets aren’t too sweet, but you can taste a little bit of artificial flavouring. They come in a cute tube decorated by drawings reminiscent of Crayon Shin-chan.

Morinaga Ramune x Orange Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 03

These little cubes are quite something. They look hard, but they’re actually really soft, with each cube giving you a nice, quick burst of orange soda.

Seika Traditional Japanese Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 05

I’m not that big of a fan of traditional Japanese candies; these ones have a malt taste to them, just like the Uguisu Kinako Traditional Sweets I tried last June.

Bourbon Mochi Chestnuts and Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 08

I’m a big fan of mochi; it’s a soft rice cake which is commonly eaten during the new years, and its elasticity makes it quite chewy.

Once opening a packet, you can instantly smell the chestnut. The mochi itself is very soft, with a chocolate cream filling surrounding a chestnut centre. I find that, generally, mochi can be hit or miss for people; you either love it, or you hate it.

Mango Flavored Ritz Mini Japanese Snack Subscription from JList 04

Ritz crackers are a fairly ubiquitous brand of snack crackers, somewhat dry and salty, yet irresistibly delicious. They can also be found in smaller, bite-sized snack sandwiches; fillings usually range among cheese, peanut butter, and S’mores, amongst others. Japan, in its usual fashion, has put its own twist on this foodstuff, including strawberry filling or more seasonal offerings like custard or Camembert pepper.

Today, I got to try the mango flavoured Ritz. I was quite overwhelmed by the taste: I expected the sweetness of the mango and the savoury cracker to clash, but to my amazement they worked together quite harmoniously!

Well, that wraps up the September Japanese Snack Subscription from JList. What candy from this post do you now want to try? And if you’ve tried Japanese snacks or candy before, which have you tried? Let us know in the comments below!


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