On March 3, the April issue of Shueisha’s Ribon magazine will reveal that Nana Haruta’s (Stardust WinkChocolate Cosmos) sports, romantic-comedy, shoujo manga, Tsubasa to Hotaru, will receive more anime in March.

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The anime shorts will be shown within the children’s television program Oha-Suta (Good Morning Star) on TV Tokyo. The segments will air every Friday starting next month, on March 6, 13, and 20, and 27. The cast from the previous anime adaptation will return.

Tsubasa to Hotaru was published in the September 2013 issue of Shueisha’s Ribon magazine that was released on August 3, 2013. The manga was in the same magazine as Sugar*SoldierHiyokoi and Romantica Clock who also received short anime adaptations.

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The manga currently has three compiled manga volumes. The fourth volume will be shipped on March 13, 2015, the same day as the airing of the anime segment.

It received a 14-minutes short anime adaptation on March 16, 2014. It was screened at last year’s Ribon Festa 2014 event.

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The anime was produced by J.C. Staff (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo) and was directed by Chiaki Kon (Arcana FamigliaGolden Time).


Anime Visual:

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Synopsis of Tsubasa to Hotaru from MAL:

The story revolves around Tsubasa Sonokawa, a 15-year old high school girl who fell in love with her upperclassman when he saved her after she fainted at the train station from anemia. She thought it was a meeting of fate, and visited him at his class every day. However, he told her that her feelings were “heavy,” and he dumped her. She once again meets a boy after taking over her friend Yuri’s job as boy’s basketball team manager. She learns that she might have more of a connection with this boy named Aki than she first thought…

Read the first few pages of Tsubasa to Hotaru in Japanese here.

Source – ANN

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