When you read a headline that includes the words “Whopper” and “Perfume” right next to each other, you wouldn’t be blamed for assuming the news is coming from Japan. In this case, you’d be right. Japanese Burger King chains will be selling one ounce bottles of “Whopper Perfume”, making the wearer smell like their signature burger – just in case you ever felt the overwhelming urge to smell like… well… a burger.

Burger King Whopper Perfume April Fools Japan Haruhichan.com
Now, I know my puns are cheesy, but even if you don’t work out, this perfume can certainly make you look a lot beefier.

Why would anyone want this 5,000 yen (a little over $40) of fast-food fragrance? Well, it’d make for an interesting April Fool’s joke to say the least! They even have a short teaser for their “delicious” new scent titled “No Whopper, No Life”. We see what you did there Burger King…

What do you think about this new ad campaign? Would you buy this meaty new perfume? Hey, if nothing else, you’d be more popular with Chie Satonaka! Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Until next time, Tomoki “Burger Ouji-Sama” signing out!

Source: Rocket News Japan