The February 2016 issue of Kadokawa‘s Newtype magazine has revealed that the already announced TV anime adaptation of Ishizuka Chihiro’s Flying Witch manga will be produced by J.C. Staff. It was also revealed that the anime will air in April 2016.

The staff include:

The official website also revealed a visual for the upcoming series:


Another visual was also revealed in the latest issue of NewType:

Flying Witch TV Anime newtype visual

Flying Witch is a Japanese manga series by Chihiro Ishizuka. It has been serialized since September 2012 in Kodansha’s shounen manga magazine Bessatsu Shounen Magazine and collected in three tankobon volumes. The manga was first published as a one-shot on July 9, 2010 in the same magazine. An anime television series adaptation has been announced for April 2016.

Flying Witch synopsis from MAL:

Kowata Makoto is an air head with a bad sense of direction that just moved into her relative’s house… But is that all?


Source: Flying Witch official website, Otakomu


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