It’s a basic file renamer, which will rename files that have underscores in them and change them to spaces. If you get tired of renaming shows/files that have underscores in them, this is for you. It’s very easy to use, just navigate to the the directory with all the files in you wish to rename, hit OK and you’re done.

New GUI Renamer

Features: A picture of Haruhi. Select a folder with files you would like to rename and done.

To Be Added: Status bar on screen alerting you to exactly what is being renamed. Please make requests if you have any!

Works on XP/Vista/Win7
It works fine on Windows 7 and Vista. It should be compatible with Windows XP as well.

Old Version:

Select the folder with files you would like to rename. A command prompt window shows the status of whats being done.
I opted to make a GUI version because the command line freaks out some end users for no apparent reason.

Demo of old version:



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