Once upon a time in a dark and cold land
Haruhi was sitting there on her tall stand

She looked at us with doubt and woe
I could tell she thought of us as a foe

Nevertheless, we stood our ground without fear
She smiled, cheered, and gave us all beer.

We drank and drank until red in the face
She was dancing around with such grace

We all looked at each other with doubt
Then she got angry and let out a shout!

We’re going to make a fanpage for Anime she said
Confused looks on our face as they were red.

She declared it at once and together we scramble
Working hard and fast as we ramble.

After it’s all said and done, we sigh and breathe
At last we get to finally decree

Haruhichan.com has been made
Let’s jump, cheer and hope it makes the grade

Content she was, and joyful were we
buzzing about like a god damn bee.

A year has passed and many things changed
However, nothing has happened that wasn’t arranged.

We let this year pass without a cry
as we look towards the future in the sky

Thanks for being with us all the way
may all your wishes come true without dismay.


Happy New Year! I hope you all join us next year, from www.haruhichan.com!


I'm Swaps4 and I consume too much coffee and never gets enough sleep. I enjoy writing about anime, video games, and bits & pieces of Japanese culture. Enjoy my work? Support me on Patreon or treat me to a coffee!
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