Japanese media website, Goo, asked their manga reader users: Which Shounen Jump! manga do you think is the most erotic? With a total of 250 responses from males, here are the results:

30) Hengen Sennin Asuka

29) Wrestling with Momoko

28, 27, 26, 25 (tie)) Maboroshi Panty, Stop!! Hibari-kun!, Hold Up Kids, M×0

24, 23 (tie)) Shape Up Ran, Godsider

22, 21 (tie)) Pretty Face, Bakkotsu Shoujo Giri Giri Purin

20) Tsukiatte Yo! Gogatsu-chan

19) Yarukkya Knight

18, 17, 16 (tie)) Harenchi Gakuen, Shadow Lady, Jungle no Ouja Ta-chan

15, 14 (tie)) Kimagure Orange Road, Black Angels

13) Tende Shouwaru Cupid

12) Lilim Kiss

11) Cat’s Eye

10) Bastard!!Bastard!!

9) Dragon BallDragon Ball

8) City HunterCity Hunter

7/6 tie) DNA²DNA²

7/6 tie) To Love-RuTo Love-Ru

5) Magical Taruruuto-kunMagical Taruruuto-kun

4) Hell Teacher NubeHell Teacher Nube

3) I”SI”S


1) Strawberry 100%Strawberry 100%


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