Tokyo Ghoul‘s author Sui Ishida is known for posting art on Twitter and it was recently announced that not only did he sit down for an interview talk with Togashi, he also drew a whooping 69 pages of Hunter x Hunter manga telling the history of popular character Hisoka Morow.

Tokyo Ghoul Author Sketches Hunter X Hunter's Hisoka

On Valentine’s Day he posted a Juuzou Suzuya and a wishes that fans got a chance to enjoy some delicious chocolate.

Tokyo Ghoul Author Sketches a Valentine's Themed Juuzou Suzuya

He recently posted tribute for Naki’s birthday.

Tokyo Ghoul Author Sketches a Birthday Tribute for Naki

Back in December he was getting emotional about reading shoujo manga from authors like Ryo Azuki, he then shared a tribute piece to Amu Meguro’s Honey (or Honey So Sweet) from Bessatsu Margaret that recently moved him.

Tokyo Ghoul Manga Author Pays Tribute to Shoujo Manga

Earlier this year he was talking about how he would like to check out the art at the 2015 Naruto exhibition and here’s his take on Naruto‘s Sasuke Uchiha:

He also did a sketch for SankakuHead’s birthday featuring Himouto! Umaru-chan‘s Umaru doma.

Himouto Umaru chan sketch by tokyo ghoul author

Source: Sui Ishida’s Twitter


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