Japanese news website, Buzz Plus News, asked their male readers: Which female character from Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter is your favorite? With a total of 472 responses, here are the results:

10 (tie). Reina
10 (tie). Amane
9 (tie). Seiko
9 (tie). Killua’s grandmother
8 (tie). Elena
8 (tie). Melody
7. Girl killed by Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou B
6 (tie). Alluka
6 (tie). Komugi
5. Neon NostradeHunter x Hunter Neon Nostrade
4 (tie). ShizukuHunter x Hunter Shizuku
4 (tie). Abe (Gon’s great-grandmother)Hunter x Hunter Abe
4 (tie). Mito FreecssHunter x Hunter Mito Freecss
3. MachiHunter x Hunter Machi
2. 200th floor receptionistHunter x Hunter 200th floor receptionist
1. Biscuit KruegerHunter x Hunter Biscuit Krueger


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