From the hit popular Dagashi Kashi series comes an amazing figure of our favorite candy loving girl Hotaru Shidare, courtesy of MAX Factory. Hotaru is shown posing for us with several types of Umaibo in her hands, looking very sexy and cute. Max Factory perfectly captures Hotaru’s look and charm.

Dagashi KashiHotaru Shidare 1/8 Figure – This figure is currently available on JList here (get 5% off with coupon code MOE-N3Y-4YW0QK).

dagashi-kashi-hotaru-shidare-figure-0000 dagashi-kashi-hotaru-shidare-figure-0001 dagashi-kashi-hotaru-shidare-figure-0002 dagashi-kashi-hotaru-shidare-figure-0003 dagashi-kashi-hotaru-shidare-figure-0004 dagashi-kashi-hotaru-shidare-figure-0005

Hotaru can be pre-ordered here.


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