An incredible figure of Ikkitousen‘s Unchou Kanu has been revealed and she’s all wrapped up in ribbons and sitting on top of a gift box. Amazing sculpture work by Keita Kawai and fascinating paintwork by Emi Hoshina. No collector of sexy figures can afford to miss this item! Treat yourself with this very nice gift from Union Creative.

Ribbon Doll Collection – Shin Ikkitousen: Unchou Kanu Complete Figure – This figure is currently available on JList here (get 5% off with coupon code MOE-N3Y-4YW0QK).

shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0001 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0002 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0003 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0004 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0005 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0006 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0007 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0008 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0009 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0010 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0011 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0012 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0013 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0014 shin-ikkitousen-unchou-kanu-anime-figure-0015

Unchou Kanu can be pre-ordered here.


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