Directly from the cover of Comic Hot Milk and illustrated by Aruchu Kizuki, also known as circle Udon-ya (famous for his Monster Hunter ecchi parody doujinshi), comes this gorgeous figure of Amane Shirasaki. Castoffable and ready for you to appreciate fully from the top down. A fantastic sexy figure by SkyTube.

COMIC HOTMILK  – Amane Shirasaki 1/6 Figure – This figure is currently available on JList here (get 5% off with coupon code MOE-N3Y-4YW0QK).

comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0001 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0002 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0003 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0004 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0005 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0006 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0007 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0008 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0009 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0010 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0011 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0012 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0013 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0014 comic-hotmilk-amane-shirasaki-figure-0015

Amane Shirasaki can be pre-ordered here.


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