Overwatch’s formidable versatile flanker who has a very high level of mobility has obtained a new skin, by the established talented cosplayer Tasha. Not only is this cosplay fascinating, so is the amount of sheer detail put into the armor and weapons.

female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0001 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0002 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0003 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0004 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0005 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0006 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0007 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0008 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0009 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0010 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0011 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0012 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0013 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0014 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0015 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0016 female-genji-cosplay-by-tasha-0017


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