From the popular Steins;Gate science-fiction series, comes this fascinating cosplay of the genius girl Kurisu Makise. The cosplayer has done a wonderful job replicating her casual attire. The only downfall is her choice of drink for the cosplay shoot.

steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0001 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0002 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0003 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0004 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0005 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0006 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0007 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0008 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0009 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0010 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0011 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0012 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0013 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0014 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0015 steins-gate-makise-kurisu-cosplay0016


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