From master bishoujo illustrator Tony Taka comes this awesome 1/6th scale cast off figure of witch in training Astrea from Tony’s original illustration series T2 Art Girls. She has beautiful long blonde hair, glamorous body, mesmerizing eyes and most important of all, what little of her clothing can be removed! This figure captures everything that is good in Tony’s illustrations. By SkyTube.

Seikou no Majo MinaraiAstrea 1/6 Figure – This figure is currently available on JList here (get 5% off with coupon code MOE-N3Y-4YW0QK).

seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0001 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0002 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0003 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0004 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0005 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0006 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0007 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0008 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0009 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0010 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0011 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0012 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0013 seikou-no-majo-minarai-astrea-1_6-complete-figure-0014

Astrea can be pre-ordered here.


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