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Hello, my name is Swaps4/Eirin and you’ve stumbled across the L4D2 K-ON mod! This page will be used as the main hub for the latest update of the main project we’re working on at the moment. All other projects that we plan to do will be listed here and on the blog.

If you followed the link above, you would find out that we also have a Steam Group (Yay), so be sure to join if you use Steam. (Especially if you play Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2.

Currently, we’re working on K-ON’izing Left 4 Dead 2, the project can be seen in a beta via the video below.

1) First Make of Models (Not our models, credits are in the Viewme of the actual .rar)
2) Menu Makeovers Beta, we moedified it (datpun) Bringing more cute and less bleh.
3) Menu Music Muteation, we muted that 80’s cheesy B rated horror movie sound and added silence so nothing screws over the jrock, enjoy.

Work In Progress:
1) Voiceovers for Yui, Mugi, Mio, and Ritsu (Please do NOT nag me about this, I’ve been sick lately and it’s hard work re-doing 10,000 lines)
2) Moe Atmosphere, mainly poster changes, and minor changes that can wait till the hard stuff is out and working in full force.

Download link:

The pass for the .rar is: Haruhi

Now that you got your win, go check out the rest of the site, and donate so people like me can buy more ramen and clean water.


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