Alright, I think we’ve successfully established with my last post that I am a pervert. I sometimes code things to assist me in my every day pervert life, this is one of those things.
HentaiFromHell galleries do not have a hotkey function, it has angered me to the point that I decided to make a greasemonkey script for it.
Here’s the link [Userscripts]
You can now use the left/right keys on your keyboard to navigate pages back/forward. Enjoy.

EDIT (part 2): HentaiFromHell lost all of it’s data and has been down for quite some time now, check out the site for further details. In the mean time:
If you’d like you can check out my ExHentai Login Plugin for Firefox and Chrome, ExHentai is a site similar to HentaiFromHell with a bunch of galleries. If you haven’t been using it because you couldn’t get past sad panda, my plugins fix that.

Alternatively check out FAKKU.


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