I’m interested in feedback mostly, but for those who don’t like to comment on the blog [I know you’re there] this is also a little taste of what is to come in the future. These screenshots are beta, can change at any time so don’t be butthurt if something does.

Alright, so here’s a feature list for the new site:

  • Style picker, unlimited number of styles are possible and we currently have 2 designed (Haruhi theme and Shinobu theme) we’re designing more as I write this
  • Anime slideshow on the frontpage with sexy image, title and synopsis
  • Advanced blogroll, 22 entries are fed to the front page and you can scroll through them
  • Latest anime on the front page (Newest files), each file has a corresponding icon (OVA/ONA/Movie/BD/TV quality)
  • Anime search page completely redone, better images, it also has a button designed to quickly bring you to the currently airing shows
  • Torrents are the same as always, however, we’ve added XDCC packlist search for every single entry. If an entry has a CRC, it searches the packlist for it, if not it will search the entire filename (such as with HorribleSubs releases)
  • Airing calendar – showtimes for anime in japan
  • WebP image format enabled for browsers that support it (Chrome and Opera mostly) for the seasonal charts (BETA as fuck, might be removed in final)
  • RSS feed is now compliant with more RSS feed applications
  • Added a JSON feed too
  • Ability to embed haruhichan widgets into your own site (latest 5, 10 anime torrents or so)
  • This is something you guys probably don’t care about, but I’ve also added a whole lot of SEO friendly things which should hopefully help us out
  • BD/DVD releases unfortunately removed for now, there’s no reliable source of information. It’s something we’re working on.
  • Enhanced administrator panel so Swaps4 does not need to go full autism mode just to add older torrents (this means more content will be added for slowpokes)

This is all stuff that has already been made or is currently in development, here’s a couple screenshots:
Haruhi theme
Shinobu theme
Anime page with XDCC search button

The logo (with chibi haruhi) is beta as well, it probably won’t be in the final.

So? What do you guys think so far?

Here’s a screenshot of the XDCC search I’ve just overhauled



puro is the haruhichan website designer/programmer/administrator.
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