Haruhichan first started off as a basic IRC bot, announcing new anime episodes that I followed. It was hosted off my own computer in a public IRC channel so people could use it; this was around 3-4 years ago. Keep in mind it was very basic, just announcing releases off a feed. Now we have a dedicated server, website, and databases filled with anime! (Ofcourse there is more I just didn’t want to bore you).

On September 10, 2010 I purchased the domain, Haruhichan. I worked hard on adding stuff to the IRC bot so I thought it was time to take it to the next level and release it to the public with a website along side of the IRC bot. I teamed up with a few friends and have created what you have seen today. A website dedicated to delivering instant updates on anime releases!

We work on this project a lot (It can be quite time consuming), from new features to finding out when a certain anime will air, if certain manga’s get serialized so we’re always up to date. We only have a total of 3 members working on this project, and yet so much has been achieved.

P.S I’m not much of a writer; I may edit this in the future. If you want to leave feedback for any part of the site, click here.