Haruhichan is a product of a small group of people’s hard work and determination, but sometimes there’s too much labor for us to handle. If you would like to join the team, please use the contact form link at the end of this page and we’ll get back to you right away. Please use the headline “I want to join the team” when you do so we can differentiate between spam and legitimate mail. Below is a list of positions currently open:

Writer (Need experience and at least one piece of work to show when applying) – Please read THIS post before applying.

  • Seasonal anime reviews/anime reviews – As long as you aren’t too biased and give the pros and cons as well as your own opinion, you can apply for this role.
  • Anime news – It can be about a new season of a certain series, new key visuals, new cast announced or anything related to anime in general. Please note that we would want this to be reported on the moment it happens, not a week or two after the news was announced.
  • Lists – Top 10, top 20 etc are great. They can be from official polls or your own thoughts. If they’re on an anime series, just don’t be too biased, state your own opinion as well as the pros and cons.

If you wish to apply as a writer, please include some examples of your work/writing.

Quality Control – Your job will be noticing when something is factually incorrect or broken (such as PHP errors or something else weird happening) with the site and telling an administrator promptly, IRC again is not a requirement but is recommended. Skype is also good for this particular job.

Updater – You will monitor the internet for new fansub groups popping up and first episodes dropping (first episodes for new shows for example, only things NOT present on the site. Only the first episode, or subsequent episodes not on the site are needed since our server will pickup the rest automatically.)

Programmer – We’re always in need of these. It would be nice to be able to relax once in a while or brainstorm with a coding companion. I wrote the Haruhichan site from scratch (off of Swaps4’s SQL base). You will have to familiarize yourself with the “Savant 3” PHP template engine or jQuery if you’re into javascript.

Style designers – Well, this one is kind of difficult. I have written my own style system for the new site which is basically CSS (CSS3 in some cases). It’s hard to explain in this post but let’s just say you’ll need a few things: Photoshop knowledge, CSS knowledge and HTML knowledge at the bare minimum.

Advertiser – I’ve thought about this a lot and how it’s possible to do so. All you’ll have to do is recommend the site to friends/people who enjoy anime, post links to your social outlets (news, anime pages etc), even liking and sharing a page via our widget on the left of every page helps (You can also do this on the news section of the site). You can also suggest them to like/follow our social outlets! You don’t really need to apply for this but do feel free to add me on Skype to talk.

Social networks – We currently have a new Tumblr account which is run by a few people and we’re looking for more active Tumblr users to help out. You will need Skype so you can communicate and chill with other users who help on the account. The only rules are to tag series correctly and source anime series with Haruhichan’s anime page(s)/artist if known. You can find the Tumblr page here. Also if you want to apply for this and don’t feel like emailing, just add me on Skype: Swaps4

Cannot find a role on the list that suits you? – Why not create your own and send us an email? We love creativity!

Please note that you don’t need to email for the Writer, Quality Control, Updater, Advertise or Social Networks roles. You can just simply add me on Skype: Swaps4 and state which role you want to apply for.

If you feel like doing any of these things, please shoot us an email. More positions will be open in the future. We plan on expanding the functionality of the site and we will definitely need your help! If you can’t do any of these things yet still want to help, try emailing us anyway. Never know what skills can be helpful! If you want to apply, click here.