10 Amazing Halloween Pixiv Artworks


Halloween is almost here and to celebrate the wonderful spookiness and trick or treating, we have 10 amazing artworks to celebrate the festivities from Pixiv. For the most part these aren’t really spooky or scary, but you can still get a small fright from how adorable and detailed many of these artworks are. Of course don’t forget to visit the artists’ profiles in the links provided.

So here are the 10 amazing Halloween Pixiv artworks in no particular order.

1. Halloween by ハオ提督


Title: Halloween
Artist: ハオ提督

The first image for this Halloween extravaganza is this original adorable girl dressed up in a dark black and red costume. She also has a large menacing fire scythe and has slain a poor little pumpkin. Just look at it, it breaks your heart.

2. にこハロウィン (Nico Halloween) by 雪子


Title: にこハロウィン (Nico Halloween)
Artist: 雪子

The next image is this wonderful and colourful image of Nico, from Love Live! School Idol Project, dressed up and ready to go trick or treating. She even has the small wings and what seems to be a real tail.

3. ハロウィンミク (Miku Halloween) by すのみ


Title: ハロウィンミク (Miku Halloween)
Artist: すのみ

Any Pixiv collection isn’t complete without any Vocaloids, especially Miku. And here she is in all adorable in a pumpkin themed costume with a little friend as well.

4. はろ (Hello) by hs


 Title: はろ (Hello)
Artist: hs

And here is a pretty image of some of the girls going trick or treating for Halloween. I’m not entirely sure what her costume is of, but the eyepatch is a great touch. Would you give her a trick or a treat?

5. 遠坂さんからハロウィンへの誘い (Rin Invites you to Halloween) by 香月☆一


Title: 遠坂さんからハロウィンへの誘い (Rin Invites you to Halloween)
Artist: 香月☆一

With the release of the new Fate/stay night (2014) anime Rin Tohsaka will get the spotlight this time around. To celebrate Halloween, Rin has invited you to her own celebrations. Will you accept her invitation?

6. ☆ by Nine


Title: ☆
Artist: Nine

It won’t be halloween without having any witches, scary trees, a giant moon and bats. This image has it all including a cute witch. She might have to hold on to her hat as she speeds around on her broom.

7. ☆ by 美柚


Title: ☆
Artist: 美柚

Celebrating Halloween is always better with friends. And what better group of friends could you celebrate with than with your idol group. μ, from Love Live! School Idol Project, is always a lively bunch, and which costume/character is your favourite?

8. Happy Halloween. by 吾妻


Title: Happy Halloween.
Artist: 吾妻

Now it’s time for something more spooky with this Halloween themed image from Tokyo Ghoul. I won’t dabble too much in who’s who, but enjoy this stitched up flesh-eating theme. Just make sure you don’t get eaten when they visit.

9. ハロウィン (Halloween) by 浦助


Title: ハロウィン (Halloween)
Artist: 浦助

Now this is something different and more for the more female audience. This original image of a well dressed and damper vampire could get you worked up in more ways than one. Just don’t look into his eyes for too long…

10. ぞんびちゃん (Zombie-chan) by のう


Title: ぞんびちゃん (Zombie-chan)
Artist: のう

This massive candy theme image is actually a combination of two well-known characters. The face is composed of the two Vocaloid siblings, Kagamine Rin & Len. The most fantastic piece in this image is the gingerbread house on their pumpkin helmet, so don’t get hungry and pick the house apart.

So that was 10 amazing Halloween artworks from Pixiv. Which image was your favourite? And would you dress up as one of them?