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ExHentai chrome plugin [Get past sad panda]

I’ve made a chrome version!
(Firefox version can be found here)

CHROME PLUGIN UPDATED (version 2.1) –  03/14/2014 06:30 PST









UPDATE: A Firefox version was also released here!

IMPORTANT: Forum thread is here! If you run into bugs, please use the forum thread, I no longer read the comments of this article.

I’ve been getting pretty tired of editing my cookies to evade sad panda on ExHentai, so I’ve made this simple plugin to make life easier for everyone.

First: If you don’t have an account at http://forums.e-hentai.org/ , fucking make one. Now. It doesn’t work without it.

Install the “ExHentai Easy” plugin by clicking here. After installing, go to exhentai.org, you should be greeted with a login page:

Put in your e-hentai forum login information and you should be logged in. Simple, right?

There you go, all done. You have successfully evaded sad panda. Reload the exhentai page and you’re all good to go.

I’ve added a couple things to v2, one, a Logout button:


Which will make it easier to hide your porn from your friends and family, lol (logout, remember to untick the “Remember” checkbox so the login isn’t saved)

If you want to use this incognito remember to do this:

Open a new tab and type in
Scroll down to the addon and make sure to tick the “Allow in incognito” button. All done, enjoy.



User HN commented that Adblock may interfere with this plugin, might try pausing it for the duration of it’s use if you run into issues.

USE FIREFOX? Try the Firefox Version


  1. help me….. i cleared my cookies… n i cant access exhentai now….
    my country has internet blocking for porn webiste…. i can access exhentai before i delete my cookies,now i cant do anything… i try to use proxy server to login on g.e-hentai but “ERROR: template failed to load. Please ensure you have correctly installed any custom themes and check you have not removed any files from the default theme.”… any solution?

  2. Thank you so much, really , i have found my savior ! God bless your parents for generate you ! 🙂

  3. 1. download exhentai_easy.crx
    2. go to chrome://chrome/extensions/
    3. drag and drop the downloaded crx file in to google.

    this will work try it

    Google will have a LOCKDOWN on ALL extensions NOT INSTALLED from Chrome Web Store.
    Quoting from Chromium Blog:
    ‘Google is locking down Chrome for Windows users by blocking the downloading and installation of any Chrome extensions not found in the company’s own Chrome Web Store. Google says that malicious extensions that take advantage of the option to side-load additional extensions upon install are the “leading cause of complaints from our Windows users’
    The lockdown will go into effect in January 2014. Therefore plugins like this may sadly go out of complete commission next year.

  5. Add-on works exactly as advertised. I was able to get in just fine. Little minor request though would be to have an option to make the add-on only show in incognito mode? I only view hentai in incognito mode so it would nice to not have it cluttering up my normal windows.

  6. To manually add extension in Chrome:
    1. Open extensions or go to chrome://extensions/
    2. If not already saved, Save exhentai_easy.crx to Desktop.
    3. Drag-and-drop exhentai_easy.crx into the extensions page
    4. Click on accept or confirm and done.

    Now just log in with your ehentai account by clicking on extension button and reload the sad panda.

  7. Its simple to install it despite its not being in the store mate. Just click on this page to install it as normal and it should download even if it doesnt install. Then just find the folder it is it, open the chrome Extension tab under tools. To install it then just drag and drop the crx into the extension file into the extension page of chrome.

    If you done it right you should get the question if you want to install it. Its chromes way to avoid harmful extensions in….just takes a bit extra to work around.

  8. the Exhentai.org Firefox and Crome plugin doesn’t work anymore.
    cache, history and cookies are untouched.
    I dont now is it a country problem (germany) ?

    And sorry, my English is very bad.

  9. doesnt work anymore, i can download it and all ( guys look at comments before whining how its broken) but when i try to get into exhentai it doesn’t work. Worked before though but when they start to restrict american ips it stopped

  10. ever since chrome updated I cannot be able to re download the plugin. It won’t let me access the download why is this?

      • You can only install extensions directly from Google, it’s actually been like this for months.
        To install this manually, find the file that got downloaded, open your Chrome extensions window (chrome://extensions/) and drag and drop the file in. It should install fine.

        • I got exhentai to work now thanks to you (appreciate it mate)
          but the method I had to use was different. What I did was download the file(google chrome plugin) from FIREFOX and had to drag and drop that file into google chrome’s extension page and eventually worked. It’s confusing but it worked, thank you.

          Also, before I even tried this silly method downloading the file from GOOGLE CHROME and trying to drag it into the extensions page does not work because you still get the “Apps extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website” problem.

    • Anybody getting the “Unknown Error #2”, i just found a fix that at least worked for me. Just remove the plugin entirely from chrome (go to extensions and click the recycle bin next to the plugin), then re-install. I just did it and the error went away. No more Sad Panda!

  11. can you do some thing for opera mobile

    i am getting the same sad panda problem here

    i am using a symbian smart phone and opera mobile version 12

  12. The plugin stores password and username in plaintext in the localstorage if you click save login. wouldn’t it be more secure to just save the retrieved cookies in the local storage and restore them?

  13. I can get to the website just fine, but none of the pics load (pictures load literally everywhere else). Any idea what is causing this? Every single other attempt i’ve had to fix this has not worked

  14. Merr Faile was dead on. damn me for not reading the comments. my way is to round about, just look below.

    • i found a fix, convert it to an unpacked extension.
      first, you get the crx file and rename to zip (i got them by downloading it in firefox). then extract and put all the files from the zip into one folder. now you can add that folder as an unpacked extension in the “developer mode” of chrome://extensions/.
      i don’t know how to stop chrome from blocking the downloads though. hope this helps.

      • All you have to do is save the crx file, open up the Extensions page, and drop it onto the page.

  15. You’re extension is not letting youtube videos work for me.
    I disabled it and they started to work.
    Please fix this.

  16. It still gives me a sad panda when I try to open exhentai in Incognito mode. I have AdBlock disabled in Incognito and I log in with the little app but I still get the sad panda. Any help? :c

    • It works fine in normal Chrome mode, even with AdBlock on, but I just can’t seem to get it working on Chrome in Incognito mode.

    • You are right,it only tells me ‘Apps, extentions.and user scripts cannot be added from this website.’

      • Go to the file that the .crx was saved in, open the chrome extensions tab, and just drag the file unto the open window. Tadah!

        • buddy,as far as I know,that’s the only way to install crx without google extension store and yes,I’ve done what you said but chrome just won’t let me install it,maybe you are using a older version of chrome?the latest version only make it harder to use.(sad)

  17. installed on chrome but when enabled for incognito i pulled up the page and login via the addon at the top of the window but nothing changes(still sad panda) and when i reload i have to click the addon again to login again but same result also on fire fox it wont let me change pages by clicking or arrows i have to return to the gallery. any ideas to solve either prob???

    • You can’t use the incognito mode for some reasons
      (Might be cuz of it not recording cookies/other data on your computer)
      You have to use normal mode.
      (But of course you can always delete your history XD, kinda suck but that’s how it works)

  18. It won’t let me download link. I use chrome, am i just being mentally retarded or has something happened recently to prevent me from downloading from this site?

      • You need to right-click the link to the CRX file, then click “Save link as…” Save the CRX file to your desktop (or wherever it’s convenient for you) and open a new tab in Chrome. Type “chrome://extensions” (no quotes) in the omnibox and press enter. Now just drag the CRX file into the tab and accept the permissions.

  19. This no longer works on Chrome. The extension suddenly vanished and all attempts to add it back haven’t worked.

  20. Hello,

    I’m having trouble with firefox. I downloaded the file and the add-in manager finds it, but it says it cannot load add-in because it appears to be corrupt. I downloaded three times, but it won’t work. Any suggestions?


  21. It WORKED.

    You’re my goddamn hero, OP. ;//; Thank you thank you thank you sooo much. There’s dozens of h-mangas I can read now that I couldn’t before, thanks to you. :’)

  22. the only problem i have is that e-hentai wont let me make an account. I click on register and it leads me to nothing. this sucks

  23. Hello,

    I left a lengthy message with my frustrations with the firefox version. I managed to successfully upload this on to my computer and gain access to exhentai.org using Google Chrome’s browser, but still not Firefox. The following is a lengthy explanation with how I did this:

    1. Click on “Ex Hentai Easy” plug in at the top of this page, labeled “here.”
    2. It downloaded the .crx (or whatever it’s called) file to my computer.
    3. Right clicked it’s name when it told me the download was complete, and selected “Open Containing Folder”.
    4. I edit/copied the .crx file.
    5. I logged on to my e-hentai account.
    6. In google, I found the extensions page by typing the following on a blank empty chrome web browser bar near the top:
    7. Once there, I click and dragged the .crx file to the page it loaded up.
    8. It prompt me to add the extension. I accepted.
    9. I closed and restarted Chrome.
    10. On the top right corner you should see the little panda hanging out.
    11. In it, I entered my e-hentai user and pass.
    12. It verified that it logged on to exhentai.
    13. I opened a new chrome browser and went to the following link:
    14. No sad panda, plenty of fap.

    I don’t think you need to physically log onto e-hentai first, but I did it just in case. It seems to work well for me, so I’m happy. Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but I appreciate it when people NUKE the steps out for you, so no room for error or guess work is needed. If only all developers and plugin designers did the same for their users, there’d be no daily comments complaining about why it doesn’t work. :/

    Spend some time and effort now to get it right the first time. That, or maybe developers and coders just can’t communicate adequately with people.

    Regardless…good luck and happy fapping. Thanks for the plugin!!!

  24. alright, so i’ve used this before. but certain events led me to uninstalling Chrome. so i’ve gotten it back and stuff but now when i try and download this again it says extentions and userscripts can only be downloaded from the web store.

  25. I was fixing the registry on my laptop and this plugin stopped working in Google Chrome. what the hell can I do?

  26. So I try logging in, and I get “unknown Error #2”.
    Does that mean I’m fucked and can’t get to ex anymore?

    • Hey I’m getting the same thing.

      Maybe I’m more technologically inept than I thought. You ever get a fix to your problem, because I have registered with e-hentai, but I keep getting error #2 when I try to sign in with the fancy shmancy easy exhentai plugin

  27. my chrome updated and wont let me install the add-on, its says i can only use add-ons from the chrome store.

  28. I don’t know why, but the plugin keeps getting removed on chrome and I have to download it over and over again.

  29. Adding extensions from other websites
    We’re constantly looking out for ways to make your browsing safer. To that end, we recently changed the way you add extensions that are not in the Chrome Web Store to your browser. Previously, any website could prompt you to add an extension into your browser. In the latest version of Google Chrome, you must explicitly tell Chrome that you want to install these extensions by adding them through the Extensions page.


    The above just happened to Chrome, just so you all know I have no plans on uploading this to the chrome store. Email them about it, I don’t give a fuck anymore.

  30. Maybe I’ve screwed up somehow, but I seem to be getting sadpanda’d again while using this extension. I’m not sure why it’s apparently stopped working. (I’d offer something more elaborative, but I don’t know what else to say.)

  31. I tried all that cookie editing and nothing ever worked until now. Thank you. Hope your days are filled with awesomeness

  32. Just signed up to the forum and used the chrome plugin… somebody mind explaining what this extension does exactly? Does it autologin for you?

    • Yeah, it just basically copies the cookies over from e-hentai forums into the exhentai domain, it’s just a simple automation. Makes my life easier, anyway.

  33. THANK YOU!!!!! You don’t know how much frustration I was going through with getting in there. Now I can find my galleries!!!

  34. Not working in incognito mode, even with adblock disabled. Have no idea what’s wrong since it works just fine in regular mode and not having to clean history is a huge plus.

  35. Hey s0beit, last time we talked about me not having access to Exhentai we both said it was a bleak, unfortunate rare circumstance.

    I used a proxy to get on the forums and PM’d the Admin Tenboro, and he got back to me the next day saying he’d help me if I gave him my real IP. I did so, heard nothing for a week, contacted him again, and heard nothing for two weeks. Then I posted a thread politely asking why I can’t get into Exhentai for no reason and I just found out the thread was purposely deleted. At this point I’m pretty pissed. It’s like they’re going out of their way to keep me out even though I’ve done nothing wrong/have been nothing short of polite and grateful for assistance.

    Now I’m ready to just break into the site myself. Would you be willing to help me out? You’re very knowledgeable; I feel like it’s possible with you. Last time you mentioned the possibility of a VPN? Is that a practical approach from a home laptop? I’d be very thankful if you have any ideas whatsoever.

  36. Pointless for desktop browsers, they all have cookie editors. Make something useful like a userscript that would work on Opera Mobile.

    • Making something faster and more convenient is never useless, unless you’re a faggot who enjoys wasting his useless time.
      Userscripts won’t work for ExHentai logins, they have to be plugins. You don’t have access to cookies from other domains otherwise.

  37. Thanks for keeping in touch s0beit.

    Finally got past the registration page by using a website called “changemyipaddress”, but unfortunately it wouldn’t work with the Sad Panda extension.

    I read some threads about others having a similar problem when I had access to e-hentai’s forums; the admin there said it’s because of an IP blocking range, and not something the user did personally. He didn’t provide a solution though. I checked up on your solutions for a proxy, but to be honest I’m not exactly sure how to use it. All I see are new urls for the ones I’ve tried so far; I can’t get past the sad panda with your plugin with it. Do I have to change something in my chrome settings? Change my IP address with it, or enable something?

    Thanks again for your consistent speedy assistance.

    • I think an IP block on the forums registration isn’t the same as an IP block on exhentai, I’m pretty sure you can access exhentai just fine once you actually get an account.

      I was able to see the registration page using this:

      it inserts an ad on all pages you browse (with the plugin enabled), but it does change your IP. Go to the e-hentai forums and hit the “h” button at the top once that’s installed, it’ll let you proxy. Sign up and then after you have a valid/confirmed e-hentai account you can disable/uninstall hidemyass.

      Then everything should work smoothly.

      • Thanks for the HideMyAss proxy link – that’s a very handy extension.

        Unfortunately even with it, I am still not able to access Exhentai. I was able to see the registration page and finally sign up both via proxy urls and the extension you suggested, but when I tried to bypass the Sad Panda with your chrome plugin I’m still not getting in even after with an account (with the extension disabled.) I always see this message on the plugin when I try to login:


        I’ve carefully typed my info in to make sure it’s correct and confirmed that it works at e-hentai forums. Then I tried getting in by using HideMyAss, but it fails to load the sad panda page properly because it says it’s been redirected too many times.

        At this point if it’s still an IP problem and the proxies aren’t working, I am completely stumped. Any ideas s0beit?

        As always, thank you again for your help.

        • Well according to my code the Unknown error (which shouldn’t really ever happen) is that it’s failing to connect to the e-hentai forums to login properly. Unfortunately I believe this is probably a result of the IP block on e-hentai, it seems even with an account you’re probably not able to login without a proxy.

          It’s a pretty unfortunate situation, honestly. Since you can’t really run the plugin through a proxy, the only solution I can see for you is to use a VPN.

          I can try to add proxy support in newer versions, but unfortunately I have no way to fix this problem for you now. Out of curiosity: What country are you from?

          • Hm, how lovely.

            Well that’s extremely unfortunate; don’t understand what good it is for a website to have an IP block range so random people can’t enjoy the community. Thanks for all the help thus far – I wouldn’t have understood the problem if it wasn’t for you.

            I live in a fairly populated city in the US, so I don’t see the reasoning behind the IP block range. I’ve PM’d the Administrator and he’s gotten back to me swiftly once requesting my actual IP, but I haven’t heard from him since then.

            I’d love to see proxy support in your plugin in future. I’m sure there’s a lot of technicalities/work behind it so I didn’t expect a quick fix, but if you incorporate it I’m sure it’ll help people who are in my uncommon situation.

            I looked up a VPN by the way; sounds like it’s used for regional fixed locations and roamers. Do you know how exactly a private individual would use a VPN?

  38. Is it just me or is e-hentai.org not accepting new members? I get the “an error has occurred: you are not permitted to use this board”, message every time I try to register. I feel like this has happened to me for months.

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    Very excited to use your new extension (thank you for making it!), all I need now is an account… :/

      • Thank you for your quick reply!

        Indeed, I’ve been copying and pasting the link you provided (as well as going to the home site, clicking register, or any g-e hentai related site) and it always takes me to the same page.

        Here’s an image of what I always see when trying to register:

        Has this happened to anyone else/does anyone know how to get around this? This happens for me in both chrome incognito, chrome normal, as well as Internet Explorer. No idea why. Thank you s0beit for all your help.

  39. Was wondering why mine never worked.
    turns out the ad blocker extension will make the plugin not working.


  40. By the way, for those wondering why this isn’t on the chrome store the answer should be obvious (porn related). One less obvious answer, though, is I don’t feel like paying for a fee to become a developer.

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