Asuna, Leafa, Lisbeth and Sinon Figures from Sword Art Online Go on Sale


With Sword Art Online II currently airing and being the popular show of the season due to its large fanbase, it’s a good time for some Sword Art Online merchandise to hit the stores. Below are the newest Sword Art Online figures to hit the market!

Asuna 1/10 Figure Swimsuit version – Sword Art Online – Height: 16cm (6.3in) Price: $100 – Preorder item scheduled for release in September 2014 on J-List.

Top figure maker Chara-ani presents this excellent rendition of moe heroine Asuna in a bikini version of her Sword Art Online (SAO) costume. She comes in a cute pose with a very special base. Her skirt can be removed to have a better view of her bikini bottom. A must-have for Asuna fans.

Leafa 1/7 Figure Swimsuit version – Sword Art Online – Height: 16.5cm (6.5in) Price: $115 – Preorder item scheduled for release in September 2014 on J-List.

Fans of the hit anime Sword Art Online (SAO), check out this amazing figure of adorable elf girl Leafa. We just can’t get enough of her elf ears and super hot two-piece swimsuit. Everything about her is sculpted to perfection from her kawaii face and dynamite body. A great addition to your SAO figure collection. By Griffon Enterprises.

Lisbeth 1/10 Figure Swimsuit version – Sword Art Online – Height: 17cm (6.7in) Price: $90 – Preorder item scheduled for release in October 2014 on JList.

Trapped in an online world might not be so bad if you are surrounded by the fun characters that are found in Sword Art Online. This figure is of the master blacksmith Lisabeth, from the Sword Art Online world of Aincrad. She replaces her armor and mace for a pair of nice bikini and beach ball to have some fun at the beach. Great for SAO fans! By Chara-ani.

Sinon 1/8 Figure – Sword Art Online II/Gun Gale Online -Phantom Bullet- Height: 22.5cm (8.9in) Price: $130 – Preorder item scheduled for release in December 2014 on J-List.

A wonderful 1/8 scale figure of Sinon from the hit anime Sword Art Online II. She comes in a sweet pose, carrying a long sniper rifle while striking a badass pose. With an amazing level of detail and all the presence and beauty you expect from a first-rate figure, this item is the perfect addition to your Sword Art Online collection. Great for SAO fans! By Kotobukiya.

So which Sword Art Online babe would you purchase? I have a feeling everyone will want the Leafa 1/7 Figure Swimsuit version figure but personally I would want the Sinon 1/8 Figure. Cute girls with a gun is a yes from me.