Become a Magical Girl with Homura Themed Hoodie

Ever wanted to become a magical girl but didn’t feel like coming up with an entire cosplay? Well, Nijigen Cospa has a solution for you with their brand new Homura themed hoodie! Stylish and subtle, it a perfect piece of anime themed outerwear that could be worn for a casual day around town, or even some casual cosplay – both showing your love for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica as well as making you look fashionable!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though (pardon the pun), as the price is pretty steep, even before tax. At 12,960 yen (a little over US $120) being a magical girl sure isn’t cheap. Having said that however, for those who are fans of the series and have an extra couple hundred bucks to burn, this would be worth the purchase. It looks great and is also unisex so both boys and girls alike can wear it!

The hood piece of the jacket also unzips, allowing it to be folded around the collar, making it look just like the collar of Homura’s own outfit. This added touch definitely adds a unique twist to the already stylish looking hoodie. Enough to make it worth all that money? We’ll leave that up to you guys to decide! The hoodie begins shipping February 2015, so there’s still time to save up!

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