What’s in the box? A gift from GotWoot

So recently our friends at GotWoot had a competition, the rules were to make a banner that could be either GotWoot related or anime-related. I ended up winning with this banner by a 25 vote lead. So here I am doing a boring post about “What’s in the box?”.

I would have done this post earlier but Post Offices here close at 1PM and sleeping schedules suck. Enough talking, here is the parcel:

My parcel had a bit of bad luck and got stopped by customs in UK. VAT ended up costing £14.62 and handlings fees were £8, so a total of £22.62.

So after trying to take some fabulous pictures (I suck at taking pictures), I opened the parcel. This isn’t a LinusTechTips unboxing so I did not take a picture of the box being opened. Just try to imagine I took a picture of the actual box opened so you can all act surprised just like I did.

I must say I was very amazed when I unboxed this, I was never suspecting a graphics card. It’s a Gigabyte HD 5870 1GB (GV-R587UD-1GD) for those who care. I will find a use for this card soon, I can’t wait to test this little baby out :). Thank you GotWoot!

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