Japanese Fans Vote for the Best-Looking Anime Battles


Charapedia asked 10,000 anime fans the question: Which anime series had the best-looking battles? And from thousands of fans, most of the responses are from the male fans (50.7%), female fans (49.3%) and teens to adults in their 20s (67.3%) while the other 32.7% are 30 and over.

Here are the results:

20) Jorgumgand

19) Owari no Seraph

18) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

17) Neon Genesis Evangelion

16) Mobile Suit Gundam

15) Hunter x Hunter

14) Black lagoon

13) Girls und Panzer

12) Full Metal Alchemist

11) Tokyo Ghoul

10) Dragon Ball

9) Bleach

8) Naruto

7) Toaru Majutsu no Index

6) One Piece

5) Sword Art OnlineSword Art Online

4) One Punch ManOne Punch Man battle

3) Attack on TitanAttack on Titan battle

2) the Fate seriesfate series

1) GintamaGintama battle gif