Love Live! μ’s Become Maids

Our sweet little idol group, μ’s, will become maids in this partner with the Coco franchise of family restaurants.

Love Live Coco

The campaign begins January 19 and will have limited-edition clearfiles for customers who purchase off a special menu. The first file features the idol group’s second year members, the second file shows off the first years, and the third file features the senior members. Starting February 9, the restaurant will offer up mini standing cutouts of the characters featuring the same artwork.

Love Live Coco 2 Love Live Coco 3 Love Live Coco 4 Love Live Coco 5 Love Live Coco 6 Love Live Coco 7

The shops will also have  collaborative posters displayed.

A raffle will also be held starting on March 3. Customers can enter their receipt onto the Coco website for a chance to win special goods. 25 lucky winners will receive signed canvas art featuring all nine idols in their Coco uniforms, 100 winners will receive an A2-size tapestry of the same image, and 375 entrants will receive an A3-size poster.

Yahoo! Japan and Zensho will also open a merchandise store with wall scrolls, posters, and other goodies!

Source: Anime News Network

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