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Overlord Anime Compilation Film Revealed

It has been revealed on the wraparound of the 11th volume of Kugane Maruyama and So-bin’s Overlord light novel series that a compilation film of the recent 2015 TV anime adaptation is in production.


The light novel’s newest volume also has a bundle that comes with a Blu-ray disc containing 30 minutes of new footage for the Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades spin-off series. The original episodes of the short were bundled with the anime’s Blu-ray and DVD volumes.

The main anime cast and character designs consisted of:

  • Hino Satoshi (Shakugan no Shana‘s Yuuji Sakai, Log Horizon‘s Isaac) as Ainz Ooal Gown/Momonga (Level 15 Skeleton Mage; Level 5 Overlord; Level 10 Necromancer)Overlord Momonga
  • Hara Yumi (Log Horizon‘s Marielle, Trinity Seven‘s Lilith Asami) as Albedo (Level 10 Imp; Level 10 Guardian; Succubus)
    Overlord Albedo
  • Uesaka Sumire (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!‘s Sanae Dekomori, GJ-bu‘s Tamaki Kannazuki) as Shalltear Bloodfallen (Level 10 True Vampire; Level 5 Cursed Night)
    Overlord Shalltear Bloodfallen
  • Katou Emiri (Log Horizon‘s Akatsuki, Bakemonogatari‘s Mayoi Hachikuji) as Aura Bella Fiora (Level 5 Beast Tamer)
    Overlord Aura Bella Flora
  • Uchiyama Yumi (Nisekoi‘s Ruri Miyamoto, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei‘s Erika Chiba) as Mare Bello Fiore (Level 10 Druid)
    Overlord Mare Bello Fiore
  • Katou Masayuki (Deadman Wonderland‘s Kiyomasa Senji, Skull Man‘s Yoshio Kanzaki) as Demiurge (Level 5 Archdevil; Level 10 Chaos)
    Overlord Demiurge
  • Miyake Kenta (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders‘ Mohammed Avdol, Sword Art Online‘s Eugene) as Cocytus (Level 10 Kensei/Floor Guardian)
    Overlord Cocytus
  • Chiba Shigeru (Yu Yu Hakusho‘s Kazuma Kuwabara, One Piece‘s Buggy) as Sebas Tian (Level 10 Monk)
    Overlord Sebastian

Other Announced Cast:



Overlord tv anime visual

Over Lord is a Japanese light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. It began serialization online in 2010, before being acquired by Enterbrain. Eight volumes have been published since July 30, 2012. An anime adaptation has been announced. A manga adaptation with art by Hugin Miyama began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s seinen manga magazine Comp Ace from November 26, 2014.

Overlord synopsis from Haruhichan:

The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down one day; however, the protagonist Momonga decides to not log out. Momonga is then transformed into the image of a skeleton as “the most powerful wizard.” The world continues to change, with non-player characters (NPCs) begining to feel emotion. Having no parents, friends, or place in society, this ordinary young man Momonga then strives to take over the new world the game has become.

You can visit the anime’s website here: http://overlord-anime.com/
And follow their Twitter: @over_lord_anime