Oppai mousepads are some of the most functional pieces of anime merchandise for anyone who regularly uses a mouse or just generally wants a comfortable wrists. To promote the new One Piece movie, Film Gold, Morimoto Sangyo is releasing mousepads of Robin and Nami for fans. Not only do Oppai mousepads include a decent amount of space for moving your mouse around while gaming and browsing the internet, they also include a soft pillow-like texture that allows the owners wrist to be supported.

Both Mousepads are set to release in July, when One Piece: Film Gold hits theaters. Both feature Nami and Robin’s designs from the film, featuring Robin with her ponytail, open-chest dress, and long blue feather boa. Nami on the other hand, struts a beautiful white and gold-strapped dress, along with bun-like rolls in her hair.

ONE PIECE FILM GOLD – 3D Mouse Pad: Robin and ONE PIECE FILM GOLD – 3D Mouse Pad: Nami are currently available for preorder on Amiami for 1,550 yen to release in July.

Rest Your Wrist on Nami and Robin's New Oppai Mousepads Rest Your Wrist on Nami and Robin's New Oppai Mousepads2

Source – Amiami