If you missed out on the first batch of the Umaru-chan nendoroid from the series Himouto! Umaru-chan that was released earlier this month then you may be feeling out of luck with the current aftermarket prices ranging anywhere from 7800 yen, 8640 yen, and even up to 12000 yen (about 65, 72, and 100 USD) at the time of writing.

Umaru Teaches You How to Procrastinate in a Moe Fashion Himouto! Umaru-chan anime nendo 001

Fortunately, a Good Smile Company twitter account has been teasing a potential re-release of the nendoroid as soon as tonight!

Himouto Umaru Nendoroid rerelease 01 Himouto Umaru Nendoroid rerelease 02 Himouto Umaru Nendoroid rerelease 03

Hopefully this means that anyone who missed out on the initial run will be able to get ahold of her soon!