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20th Detective Conan Film Trailer Streamed

The official website for the 20th Detective Conan anime film, Detective Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare (Detective Conan: Pitch Black Nightmare), revealed a new trailer for the film on Thursday. The trailer reveals that rock band B’z will perform the film’s theme song “Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru.” The video also previews the song.

The song will be the fifth song that B’z is providing for a Detective Conan film, and the first one in five years since the band provided the “Don’t Wanna Lie” song to the Detective Conan: Quarter of Silence film in 2011. B’z also provided the “Q&A” song for the Detective Conan television anime in 2013 as an opening theme.

The website also revealed the synopsis of the movie:

On a dark night, the Japanese police is raided by a spy. Different countries’ intelligence agencies—such as England’s MI6, Germany’s BDN, and America’s CIA—as well as the FBI’s secret files are going to be taken, but public safety officers lead by Tooru Amuro arrive just in time. The spy steals a car and escapes. The spy and Amuro are then locked in a dead heat on the highway, and just as it is about to cause an accident with multiple cars, the spy’s car is hit by FBI agent Shuichi Akai’s rifle bullet and falls of the roadway.

The next day, Conan and his friends go to a newly-remodeled aquarium in Tokyo. Under the main attraction, a Ferris wheel, Conan finds an attractive woman alone and injured. Her left and right eyes are different colors.

But the woman is in a state of amnesia where she doesn’t even remember her own name, and the cellphone she’s carrying is broken. Conan and his friends promise to help her regain her memory, so they stay with her.

Throughout all this, Vermouth is watching behind the scenes. Afterwards, she pulls out a silencer and speaks into an attached intercom, “It’s as planned, Gin.”

The movie will debut on April 16 in Japan in various theaters. It will feature members of the story’s Black Organization that have previously appeared in the series: Gin, Vodka, Vermouth, Chianti, Korn, Kir, and Bourbon. The website also hints at the appearance of Rum, who has never been shown in the series.

A new visual for the movie was also revealed:

Detective Conan 20th film

Source: Detective Conan official website