Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer New Commercial


The newest trailer for the next installment in the Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, is absolutely adorable to say the least! If you were the type of Animal Crossing player I was, you would fish for sharks for hours, days even so you could afford that one piece of cute furniture or clothing! It was a never ending addicting cycle that will only be fueled by Happy Home Designer.

Amiibo cards will be available for use, enabling the player to invite up to four characters into a room to hang out. Aside from those there will also be special character Amiibo cards that would bring a brand new animal that would otherwise not appear in the game.

In this commercial the cartoony characters of the Animal Crossing world traverse into our world.  There are endless possibilities with so many types of furniture and design options to choose from. You’ll never lose inspiration for building the perfect home for all your villagers.

This little gem will be coming to Western audiences September 25th! Go forth and create your perfect little town!

Source: Crunchyroll