Asuna Beach Figures from Sword Art Online Hit the Market


With Sword Art Online II episode 9 airing today and the series being the popular show of the season due to its large fanbase, it’s a good time for some Sword Art Online merchandise to hit the stores again. Below are the newest Asuna Sword Art Online figures to hit the market!

The figure is made by Chara-ani. It’s a 1/6 scale figure and is approximately 260mm tall.

Sword Art Online – Asuna 1/6 Figure Vacation Mood ver. – Preorder item scheduled for release in December 2014, preorder on JList.

Sword Art Online (SAO) and Asuna fans will love this awesome Asuna figure. She is dressed in a two-piece swimsuit with colors similar to her costume while laying on the ground enjoying the beach. We can’t get enough of Asuna’s pose, she looks really hot lying down and giving us an inviting look. Another fantastic figure waiting to join your collection. By Chara-ani.

The figure below is sculpted by TEAM GENESIS and made by Griffon Enterprises. It’s a 1/7 scale figure and is approximately 8.5cm tall and 20.5cm wide.

Sword Art Online – Asuna 1/7 Figure Swimsuit ver. – Preorder item scheduled for release in October 2014, preorder on on JList.

For Sword Art Online (SAO) fans, here’s a beautiful figure of heroine Asuna in a striped two-piece swimsuit. She is shown on all fours while looking really shy and blushing. We love the amazing amount of detail in this figure from Asuna’s long hair to her sexy swimsuit. Highly recommended. By Griffon Enterprises.