Become a Magical Girl with This Madoka Clothing Range

A Japanese fashion line, earth music & ecology Japan Label, had collaborated with SHAFT to introduce a clothing line based from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika Movie 3. The clothing goods was released on November 29, 2014 nationwide in Japan.

EMAE Japan Label Collaboration With Shaft_Haruhichan.com_

The clothing range is based on the main character’s clothing from the illustration:

Madoka Majica Based Clothing_Haruhichan.com_

Madoka Kaname

EMAE x SHAFT Collaboration Character Madoka Kaname_Haruhichan.com_

  • Madoka pullover
    • Color: Dusty Pastel Pink
    • Price: ¥4900 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, jacquard pattern, star pattern at the bottom.
  • Madoka skirt
    • Color: Ivory
    • Price: ¥6800 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, ribbon-embroidered skirt, scattered cross of stars and diamond design at the bottom.
  • Madoka Backpack
    • Color: White
    • Price: ¥5900 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, white-collar mini backpack, embroidered Heart mark with a handwriting style of the text “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” inside lining is a pink-white polka dot pattern with a candy witch that flies around.
  • Madoka socks
    • Color: Dusty Pastel Pink
    • Price: ¥1900 + tax
    • Description: Soft and comfortable-to-wear socks with cute white cuff ribbing, heel flap and toe.
  • Madoka twintail tie
    • Color: Red and Brown
    • Price: ¥2480 + tax
    • Description: Ribbon twintail tie that is 15.5 cm long attached to a 5.5cm maximum diameter rubber. Brass M logo charm is attached. There are two sets.
  • Madoka Necklace
    • Color:  Silver-Gold
    • Price: ¥2480 + tax
    • Description: Long necklace with a heart motif and a pink stone attached. An M logo is also included but is in a swaying design around the chain.
  • Strap Wedge Shoes
    • Color: Bordeaux (Comes into 4 more colors: Black, Gray Biege, Brown and Navy Blue)
    • Price: ¥4212 + tax
    • Description: Originally not in the Madoka Collection. A high wedge shoe with an extended strap. Comforable insole and toe box.

Kyoko Sakura



  • Kyoko Outer Cowichan Knitted Sweater
    • Color: Ivory
    • Price: ¥12600 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, apple button and motif pattern at the bottom, warm knitted sweater.
  • Kyoko Flannel Shirt
    • Color: Bordeaux, White, Dark Blue
    • Price: ¥ 4900 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, plaid pattern in three different colors, smaller collar and has a cat eye button.
  • Kyoko Overall
    • Color: Navy Blue
    • Price: ¥8800 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, corduroy overalls, double hem stitch.
  • Kyoko Ribbon Turban
    • Color: Black
    • Price: ¥2480 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, ribbon turban, Suede ribbon type Kachumu (stretchable Japanese head band), includes a small apple charm at the corner.
  • Kyoko Necklace
    • Color: Silver and Gold
    • Price: ¥2480 + tax
    • Description: Petit necklace with an apple motif. A Red Stone and  a K logo stands as the charm point.
  • Lace-Up Short Boots
    • Color: Brown
    • Price: ¥7344 + tax
    • Description: Originally not in the Kyoko Collection. A synthetic leather boots, low sole, easy-to-tie shoelaces, detailed stich.

Miki Sayaka


  • Sayaka Blouson
    • Color: Biege and Gray
    • Price: ¥15800 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, removable parker, lace tape straps, double pocket and zipper.
  • Sayaka Pullover
    • Color: Munsell Blue
    • Price: ¥4900 + tax
    • Description: S or M size, coat of arms logo, comfortable cotton fabric.
  • Sayaka Shirt
    • Color: White
    • Price: ¥4500 + tax
    • Description: S or M size, shirt embroidered with fine laces, the first button is in the form of a star.
  • Sayaka Shorts
    • Color: Navy Blue
    • Price: ¥4500 + tax
    • Description: S · M size, all season casual shorts, designed with star-shaped studs.
  • Sayaka Pin
    • Color: Silver or Gold
    • Price: ¥1200 + tax
    • Description: Small hair pin with a blue Stone attached.
  • Sayaka Necklace
    • Color: Silver and Gold
    • Price: ¥1900 + tax
    • Description: Long necklace that matches with the pin. Includes a fortissimo note and an S logo along the chain.
  • Short Bore Boots
    • Color: Dark Midnight Blue
    • Price: ¥4212 + tax
    • Description: Originally not in the Sayaka Collection. It is a short bore boots that is  so warm and light, and does not let go when you wear once! Perfect for cold winter walk. The compatibility with a skirt or pants is also excellent.

Mami Tomoe


  • Mami Cardigan
    • Color: Brown and Biege
    • Price: ¥4900 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, gingham plaid, brown borders, simple white buttons, character Bebe is embroidered as she enters the pocket.
  • Mami One-piece Dress
    • Color: Camel
    • Price: ¥7800 + tax
    • Description: S or M size, knee-high length dress, flat handcuffs, white laced collar and a golden ribbon tied at the center of the collar.
  • Mami Beret
    • Color: Ivory
    • Price: ¥3900 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, Removable faux fur pom-poms at the top, comes with a flower hatpin.
  • Mami Knee-high Socks
    • Color: Brown
    • Price: ¥2480 + tax
    • Description: Comfysocks with camel and white-colored outlines and three brown-laces.
  • Mami Tote Bag
    • Color: Yellow or Brown
    • Price: ¥5500 + tax
    • Description: A big tote bag with an embroidered Bebe as she enters the pocket. The inside lining is covered by gingham fabric. Yellow grosgrain ribbon is also included.
  • Mami Necklace
    • Color: Silver or Gold
    • Price: ¥2900 + tax
    • Description: 4 flowered ornaments were the motif of the necklace. Includes a hanging M logo attached on the chain.
  • Ribb0n Platform Loafers
    • Color: Biege (Comes with 2 more colors: Black and Bordeaux)
    • Price: ¥5292 + tax
    • Description: Originally not in the Mami Collection. Platform loafers with ribbon. Cute style-up trend. Medium-high heel.

Akemi Homura


  • Akemi Tunic
    • Color: Ivory
    • Price:  ¥5800 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, diamond pattern knitted tunic. 
  • Akemi Skirt
    • Color: Black
    • Price: ¥5500 + tax
    • Description: One-size-fits-all, ruffle chiffon hem, above-the-knee skirt.
  • Akemi Pouch
    • Color: Purple or Black
    • Price:  ¥2900 + tax
    • Description: Tin soldier silhouette print, text “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” included.
  • Akemi Tote Bag
    • Color: Purple or Black
    • ¥3900 + tax
    • Description: A4 size tote bag, tin soldier silhouette print, text “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” included.
  • Akemi Earrings
    • Color: Silver or Gold
    • Price: ¥2900 + tax
    • Description: Diamond design with letters H or A on each pair.
  • Akemi Handkerchief
    • Color: Purple or Black
    • Price: ¥1200 + tax
    • Description: Simple white handkerchief with laced border and Seoul gem embroidery.
  • Classic Boots
    • Color: Brown-Gray (Comes with 2 more colors: Black or Brown)
    • Price: ¥7344 + tax
    • Description: Originally not in the Akemi Collection. Thick-heeled boots with a comfortable insole and toe box.

That’s it for the fashion line collaboration of SHAFT and earth music & ecology Japan Label! The collection was released on November 29th and unfortunately, most of the items are already sold out! If you want to visit the online shop, click here.

Source – EMAE, Madoka News

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