Birthday Event for K-on!’s Yui Hirasawa Announced

November 27 marks the birthday of the moe and lovable Yui Hirasawa from the popular K-ON! series by Kakifly. To celebrate the occasion, TBS’ online store will be holding a special event to celebrate the airhead’s birthday.

The TBS Store also celebrated the 5th anniversary of the anime, from Kyoto Animation (Free!, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), earlier this year. For this event, they will be selling various products and items dedicated to cute guitarist. On November 27th at midnight JST, for one day a lineup of special Yui products will be for sale. Additionally, a grand prize of a special gold plated birthday card for Yui will be awarded in a lottery to the winner with a serial number of 555.

In similar news, some brand new 5th anniversary figures are being produced for the anime’s anniversary, starting with Azusa Nakano.

This will be a brand new line of figures created for the 5th anniversary of the anime. It will be a 1/8 PVC model crafted by figureneet. are some close up images of the uncoloured figure:

Further details about the figure’s release and costs will be revealed later. Additional figures of the remaining Ho-kago Tea Time members will also be revealed soon.

The Yui Hirasawa Birthday Event will run on her birthday on November 27. You can still purchase various products for the 5th anniversary campaign for K-ON! here:

Visit the anime’s official website:

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