New Black Lagoon Merchandise at Comiket 2014


Monthly Sunday HX managed to bring some new and interesting Black Lagoon merchandise at the recent Comiket. There was some returning favorites from last year such as the ever so popular Sexy Revy Cowgirl boxer shorts. This year, the magazine brought along a bunch of new items for Comiket 86:

A pack containing a chibi Revy character stylus, a Eda earphone jack and a smartphone stand, all for 2,000 Yen (~ $20.00 USD)

Black Lagoon Stickers

A Balalaika themed fan selling for 1,500 Yen (~ $15.00)

Balalaika Fan

A couple T-shirts: a woman’s shirt of Revy, and the other a men’s shirt of Eda. Both shirts are priced at 2,500 Yen (~ $25.00 USD)

Mr. Chang muffler towel and towel holder for 2,000 Yen (~ $20.00 USD)

Black Lagoon Wristband

A backpack with the design of Revy’s 9mm Sword Cutlass on the front, selling for 5,000 Yen (~ $50.00 USD)

Black Lagoon Backpack

A sticker sheet of Roanapur costing 700 Yen (~ $7.00 USD)

Black Lagoon Stickers 2

A bathroom poster of Revy x Roberta for 1,500 Yen (~ $15.00 USD)

Black Lagoon Bath Poster

Source: CrunchyrollMonthly Sunday HX